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Kategorien: Route 66 Trip September 2007

Conscious Mind oder die Achtsamkeit


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Did you know that Pest & Buda are acutally two parts of the city?

..and combined it is BUDAPEST?

... Pest is on the right side of the Donau, Buda on the left ;-) Now you can figure out which is left and right...


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Some thoughts about traveling..

The plane arrives - mobile phone on - couple of sms (hey i safely arrived...in...)- taxi - hotel - check In - unpacking and then --- how do I use my time besides email, phone calls catching up with daily work?

When you travel a lot to the same cities - I guess you are developing some habits like the local people for example that you go to the same bakery, cafes etc.

I feel somehow like home in some of these restaurants because i have been there so many times...

So as soon as i am planning a trip there are these pictures of the familiar places that pop up in my head and suddenly it does not feel so weird traveling a long time. I am usually looking forward to meet the local people. I really value Global traveling especially because I have the pleasure of knowing a lot of different people in different locations. Dinner with people is much more relaxing than just being by yourself.


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Trends in der Führungskräfteentwicklung / Learntec 2008 / Karlsruhe

Auf der diesjährigen Learntec bin ich mit einem Vortrag zum Thema: Wie lernen Führungskräfte im Zeitalter von Web 2.0 vertreten.

In diesem Vortrag geht es um die Frage welche Lernmedien Führungskräfte benutzen - und wie / wo Sie nach Informationen suchen. Was sind die bevorzugten Lernmethoden - wo findet das Lernen statt.

Moderatorin: Professor Dr. Sabine Seufert

Learntec Karlsruhe, 29.01.2008 / Messe Kongress Centre 16:30 Uhr

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Faculty Seminar Series von Harvard Business

Neue Videolektionen von Harvard Business erlauben es dem User zukünftig, an hochwertigen Seminaren teilzunehmen und ein wenig Harvard Luft zu schnuppern. Dies bequem am PC - ohne Flugreise nach Boston. Quasi (JFL ) Jetlag Freies Lernen.
Die Serie hat jeweils ca 1 Stunde laufzeit in den verschiedensten Managmentthemen.

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