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The Prince Hotel St. Kilda

Right in the heart of St. Kilda at Acland Street is the hotel PRINCE located. This stylish hotel offers easy access to the area. Beach is only 200m and around 50-70 restaurants around the hotel = a hughe variety of different food options.

The rooms are quite small but stylish.
Small inhouse pool
Very friendly people at reception.


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Breakfast Tips in St. Kilda

These are my two breakfast recommendations:

My favourite bakery : Il fornaio
I prefer this restaurant on some grey morning. You sit inside enjoy some great bread - a latte (served in a glass) and enjoy the trendy environment. Here you will find the mix of people that live in St. Kilda.

On a sunny morning I prefer the Beachcomber (St. Kilda Beach):

This area really developed over the last 6 years. Now it is a really cool place - with a couple of bars and nice surroundings - which was not always the case.

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Leos Restaurant St. Kilda Melbourne

This is my recommendation for some really good Pasta: Leos Restaurant in St. Kilda (Melbourne). Leos was founded in the middle of the 50s and has a very unique style. Located at Fitzroy Street. Bon Appetit....

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