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Vortrag bei den Wirtschaftsjunioren Hochrhein

Workshop zum Thema: Effektives verhandlen.

Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2008 - Start: 18.30 Uhr - Ende ca. 21. Uhr


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Széchenyi Medicinal Bath

The Szechenyi Bath is really worth a visit.
As soon as you get it you will find yourself in a different century - no wonder the bath was build ina neo - baroque stil around 1913.
After paying the entrance fee ( around 12 Euro plus changing room ) you will be directed to your PERSONAL changing cubicle. The bath attendant will unlock the door for you - and give you a small silver medal that will identify your cabin. These cabins look really strange.
The showers have seen the better of days ;-) but the building is awesome.
The architecture is like in a dome.
Spend some hours there it is worhtwhile - promised ( and use the early morning - not so many people around.
The bath is pretended the largest medicinal bath in Europe. Its water is supplied by two thermal springs.

Another funny experience. You enter the sauna trough a kind of Salon Door - and find yourself in the middle of an interesting scenario ( at least for me..)

People are sitting in onle line on one side of the sauna - and are STANDING on the other side...looks mysterious.


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I have visited a while ago the aqarium in Sentosa Island. I spend quite some time looking at these amazing looking jelly fishes:

Copyright All pictures: ANDREAS

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Did you know that Pest & Buda are acutally two parts of the city?

..and combined it is BUDAPEST?

... Pest is on the right side of the Donau, Buda on the left ;-) Now you can figure out which is left and right...

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Recommended Lunch place at Matthias Church (Castle Area Budapest )

Right in front of the Matthias Church is a place where you can eat typical Hungarian food. The place is quite busy but it is worthwhile waiting. Meat, Vegetables and potatoes combined with the traditional paprika – done.

...and sorry to all Vegetarians on this planet ...

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Rasa Sentosa Resort Singapore

This hotel is located at the island Santosa ( approximately 5km away from the city ). I have chosen this hotel cause I did not want to stay in the city. The hotel offers a real good breakfast, a real big swimming pool . The hotel rooms is not exactly what you would expect from a hotel managed by Shangri La but it is not bad ( just simple )
I would recommend that hotel to people that are sick of staying in the typical business hotel down town.

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Hotel Lions Garden Budapest

The website told us – close to the centre of the city – I guess it depends how you define close;-) The hotel opened just 4 weeks ago and so we could experience a so called SOFT OPENING. This means not everything is perfect but full price is charged ( at least this is my definition ).
The hotel is actually very nice furnished – the wellness area is very comfortable (2 Saunas, Whirlpool, Swimming Pool)
Breakfast is alright but not fancy. Basic stuff they still have some challenges to keep food and coffee hot. Try to get room rate only and have breakfast somewhere else…..


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Cannot wait until Sunday. My personal Love Ride Nr.2 is coming up. For many others it is ride Nr. 16. A real have to be event in Switzerland near Zurich. The founders donate the money to benefit MDA. Besides the good feeling of supporting that financially, it is an unbelievable feeling to meet around 5.000 - 7.000 other bikers. Also non Harley Drivers ;-)
Last year it was raining a bit - but the forecast for Sunday looks good which means that my friend Sven has no weather excuse like last year ;-)
The basic idea of that event is to get kids with handicaps on a bike for a ride and try to make them happy for a couple of hours. I have seen some of those kids and you can see a lot of joy during that ride - even the rain last year could not kill their smile.

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